Try to Breathe

People say that the beginning of the year is the most depressing. I think it’s how you look at it, but I could see it. It makes me understand why greeting card companies love Valentine’s Day for the chance to throw mushy love in your face. Nothing it wrong with love, if you have someone that you would like to spend the day with then go ahead and do so. I used to love Valentine’s Day back in elementary school, when we had parties and gave out valentines. Yeah, those were the days. But, this post is not really about Valentine’s Day or any holiday for that matter. On any given day, most people do not take time out for themselves to just relax or even breathe.

The idea is to just take a breather in everyday life. It’s hard but we really need to try, because we live in a society of workaholics. Heck, we have shows about workaholics because it both amuses and depresses us. Point is, I’m a stressed girl probably most days. I study mostly on weekends, but the back of my brain is also thinking other thoughts as well. Thinking about a steady career, grad school possibilities, life after that, family, possibly marriage deals. It’s a jungle in my brain. I get tired of making small-talk sometimes about not really working in anyplace in particular, but at the same time I probably do the same thing anyway. I hope that this makes sense, but it probably does not.

Is love all you need? Not sure, but it makes one feel a lot better about whatever they may be going through (at the current moment or just whenever). We all want more than what is just given to us. It’s a trademark of this society, but we can’t always have what we want. Anyway, I hope that whoever is reading this is taking each day one at a time and not forgetting that. I know that I forget that on more than one occasion. Whatever helps (writing, reading, music, walking, running, shopping, etc) to make you remember that you are still are human and should try have to breathe.

With that, I share a song by The Mountain Goats. If you haven’t heard of them, they are worth checking out. (Thanks John Green)


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