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Following a Guided Path

So, I’m doing my best to write in this blog everyday this week. Just, whenever I get done writing I post which makes for a lot of thinking. I don’t want to write about nothing, but I probably am. Of course, most blogs don’t always stay to a central goal (that is rather hard), but it is something to try. That’s what I’m trying to do, but it’s not always so easy.

In journalism, reporters must work to maintain that they are following a set of principles to ensure that their work touches on important matters. The news is always changing, stories do not remain constant. Journalists do not have a reliable life path because the journey is uncertain in the future. However, people still value quality journalism and news that makes sense. Take, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal both striving to maintain the highest quality of professionalism and honesty in the trade. This is what people want. No one wants to be lied to or to be told that what they previously believed is no longer true. Of course why should  you, the reader care? Because, this form of striving to get the highest quality applies to most professions. No one wants a slacker or someone that doesn’t even try. Lawyers, doctors, teachers, analysts and more must make sure that the information they are presenting to others is accurate and in tact.

It’s not always easy to do this, as stated but one should know that they will feel a great sense of accomplishment by simply being able to do so. Follow a source that is true to your self, not others. What do you believe in? Who do you believe in? I’m not necessarily talking about faith, but more about how one should not give up on the idea of holding true to a certain dogma. Do you believe that drugs are bad news and that marriage is important? Or, maybe you don’t care so much for either and simply want to form better relationships with people (family, friends, and others) to connect more meaningfully? Maybe you are reading this thoughtfully or maybe skeptically. Perhaps you are even reading this to be polite, though you do not care at all for the subject matter. That’s quite alright as well. There is something you can do for yourself though; make sure you know what your intentions are.

By this point you maybe wondering what the point was. Well, the point is that I’m convincing myself (as well as whoever is reading this) that nothing stays the same for very long. In the same respect, goals that are too short only lead one to the end of the week. Which is not bad, at all. In fact, it’s a good starting point. A point at which one begins to recount how much it really matters to have real, concrete ideas in place. Ideas that can either make or break a person. Depending on who you are, it just might be worth it to think about what kind of path you follow then decide if it’s the right one.



I am a writer. A reader. I want to learn more about the world around me. Far from perfect, but trying to enjoy the simple moments in life which make one most happy. This is the blog where I write about life, random things and ponder about the great questions no one seems to really understand deeply.

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