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Good things come to those who wait

So, everything is supposed to change this year according to what people say. People make goals for themselves or make ideas based on what they believe or hold to be true. We want to aspire to something better, most of us do anyway. The one’s that don’t end up on our televisions or spread out across the media gasping for air are doing the best they can to earn money and make a living. Only to waste it all by not doing what they originally set out.

This might be the problem of the modern society, so dependent on social media and online sources for anything. One tend to forget the point of why they got online, or at least that’s what a person tells themselves for reassurance that it will all be alright. However, it won’t. Not, unless we stay focused on the goal we have set for ourselves without backing down. Just for day or even for an hour. It’s actually harder said than done. I understand the struggle, but if you can’t focus remember that no one can. Just look at people like Thomas Edison, who dropped out of school or didn’t think they could make it but eventually went on to accomplish great things. Maybe you won’t go to do great things, or maybe you will. I have no idea myself. Anyway, giving up doesn’t solve anything. One must persevere to reach their goals.

I don’t want to end up throwing away my life. So, I look to those that have and remember that I can do whatever I set my mind to. All it takes it a little determination and hard work. Yeah, probably easier said than done.


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