Well, It’s late in the day but whatever I’m still posting. It doesn’t really matter where I end up, I just want to end up happy and healthy. Don’t know if that’s too much to ask for, but it’s worth hoping for. Some words I live by are: Happiness is a journey, not a destination. These are good words to remember. On New Year Eve with my family in Magic Kingdom, I was reminded that the small things are what matter and its what we usually forget. Sometimes it takes more than just wishing something away to make it stop happening. At the same time, precious moments like that also remind one that the love of family and friends is the best happiness there is.

Of course, there is more to life than this. People are much more complex than at first glance. Humans sometimes tend to overthink things and overanalyze things in ways that are sometimes more unnecessary than necessary. I include myself in this. Really, though the mistakes and laughs which people share everyday do not need to be thought about so much. For example, does it really even matter that you have no idea what you’re doing tomorrow? Or this month? You have no idea whether you are going to the mall or not or whether you really will buy that new camera after all? No, it’s all just things that worry us but on closer examination mean nothing at all. It takes time to overcome hardships. I think we all know that, but it takes a lot more work to get through a hard period in one’s life. Everyone goes through a hard time. From having no job, to having more than one job that pays little or no money to looking for internships knowing they pay little or no money. do not pay. This is hard. It’s hard for everyone. I put myself out of most groups though. I am not struggling. I am not living from paycheck to paycheck (though sadly, one day I probably will be) and I am not without a home. In this way, I am alright. I know that and I hope that this little light will guide me towards a more bright future.

One that I can be sure will give me good health and happiness.


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