Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to do. Other times, it’s so easy to know exactly what to say or what to do. Family vs. the world. People are often more comfortable around those they know well, and whom know them well. This doesn’t have to do with anything, but at times one wants more family. That feeling of knowing that everything is going to turn out ok in the end. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way.

Anyway, I think I know that what I’m missing from my life is travel. Real travel, like going someplace and getting lost in it. It’s a great break from the pressures of everyday life, by just leaving and going somewhere. Preferably someplace far. If you live in the Midwest, like me then you might want out of the recent snow. Or maybe you want to go towards more snow? Either way, travelling can allow one to find themselves.

When I was younger, my family went to Disney World. It was great, but hectic. However, waiting in all the lines was definitely worth it. What I remember most fondly are the memories, not just with my family but also with fun Disney characters that we took pictures with. Overall, it was just a good holiday. Back then, we didn’t really go to as many beaches. Maybe when me and my siblings were younger we didn’t enjoy it as much and just wanted some action. Now, of course the beach sounds so much more relaxing. If you live near the beach then know that there are plenty of people that wish they could be at the beach every day. You’re lucky.

So that’s me. I think what I want is to know where I want to go, but I don’t. I want to go somewhere fun, somewhere I will have fun and be ready to enjoy the memories with family. This year (ok, I know this is a bit cliche here) I want to do my best to think big. I’m going to apply to anything that I can and am able to. It never hurts to try. Also, this year is going to equal more traveling. Because I’m trying to find myself.

Without a doubt, I know that I’m not perfect and I do have my flaws but I am definitely trying the best I can. To that, I saw let’s go onward.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
― John Lennon


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