The crazy world we live in

Today (and well, everyday), I keep thinking about how I need to do something to change my life. The way I live my life, something. Writing online is part of my life, but I wish I could do more and enrich myself in the process. The thing is this: I want to travel and to travel with someone that wants to travel too. I mean I still want to find that “dream job”, be successful and meet the right guy but not everything is quite up to par yet. For, now it’s best to stop worrying about my futile problems and look at those who have nothing.

I’m talking about people in the Middle East. In Syria. In Libya. In Gaza. People that have nothing and are wondering when they are going to get a break. The people don’t deserve to be waiting on a chance to live, they need to live because a lot of them are children waiting on the moment with empty futures. They don’t need pity either, they need peace. Except, the world forgot what that is. So, for just a moment–I think people should stop thinking about the pain in their lives and think about those who have it worse. I guarantee you your life is really not all that terrible when put into perspective. When you think about it, we’re all just starving for attention and waiting on the chance for someone to notice us. It all takes hard work and persistance, that hopefully will pay off over time. In the mean time, we need to work towards trying to form a bond between what is real and what is only in our heads. I hope that over time we can all reach the dreams and goals we set out to achieve.

I don’t mean to be ranting (sorry if it sounds that way), but I want it to be clear that one should be thankful. Not just on a holiday that is designated for one to be thankful, but everyday. You are much better off. I am better off knowing that I am trying to think about those who are not like me. I can’t save the world, but I can try to make others aware. Small steps can only go a long way towards making a change in one’s life.


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